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The slender framed man stood dark against the setting sun faced to his six. His figure shivered slightly as he pulled a silver pocket watch from his well pressed pocket. With a click he opened the cover, and with a thud of a clack it shut. He would ponder to himself aloud. “Hmm…” The one figure spread into two as a boy slipped from behind his shadow creating his own that sulked against the cement steps of old Fanell Manor. The first outline said to the next, in a humble subservient tone, “Oh dear. Master, I do believe we have arrived short. My apologies for the delay; who would have known we would be short a horse.”  The thin man looked down to the short shadow of a boy with a blank expression that was almost unreadable in the low light of the manners’ square.
The boy’s figure would raise his gaze up to the downward gaze of the slender man. His hands tucked away in his pockets with a noble air about his presence. Speaking up his voice hummed sweetly of a child’s pitch yet, was laced with elegance in a poised manner. “Yes, well we are here presently and only a few hours behind. I’m sure the Fanell’s won’t hold it against us.” He nodded to the first man and in return he turned to face the door.
The shadows had faded quite a bit by this time and the soft glow of the house reached out to the courtyard. The first man had rich black hair that was quite a mess and yet still in order, he was as pale as a ghost, and his eyes were a piercing pair of rubies. The boy at his side wore a patch over one eye yet the patch was almost hidden behind a veil of soft black hair. His porcelain skin was perfection in the most minor detail. Against his chiseled features the boy’s uncovered eye was a sapphire that seemed to practically glow in the dim light of the night. The two made quite the pair with their contrast.
The red eyed beast of a man stepped forward; his elegant frame would suggest him to be soft and yet his presence presented an air of confidence with power. In a swift movement he had his gloved hand up to the brass knocker; with a two fingered grip he pulled back the heavily weighed chime and proceeded to knock heavily against the door. In a flash he was back at the side of the young master standing at attention.
The echo of the knock seemed to never fade. It took only a moment for the door to swing open. An elderly butler stood in the doorway. With a smile he spoke up in a heavy English accent. “Ah, Earl Ciel Phantomhive,” He took a bow to the young boy, standing back into a poised up-right position. “Mr. Fanell has been waiting for you to arrive in the library.” The butler stood back away from blocking the doorway, extending his arm openly inviting the two into the home. The hall was thick with the smell of a roaring fire and something sweet floated in from the corridor to their right.
He closed the door behind the two men as they entered the grand hall. The younger of the two who was greeted as Ciel, looked from his surroundings to the butler who was making his way down the hall before the two could properly introduce themselves. As they trotted after the overly efficient butler Ciel called off to him. “Yes, I am Ciel Phantomhive and this is my butler Sebastian Michaelis.” Partly annoyed at the pace the older butler was taking he thought to himself; how could a man of so many years be so light on his feet? Seemed impossible to him yet he only showed this in his expression, for he kept his mouth shut.
The butler called behind him with a rather paced tone for the speed he was going. “Oh yes, I figured as much! The master of the house is just around the corner here in the library.” He turned off into a room and Ciel rushed to keep up, Sebastian on the other hand kept up with Ciel’s every step. He was perfectly able to keep up with the swift butler ahead, but chose to keep the pace at his master’s side.
As Ciel reached the library’s solid wood doors the smell of sweets and burning wood had simmered down quite a bit, they were now replaced with the rich smell of old worn leather bindings and soft barely worn pages. The room was exquisite, wall to wall bookcases, with plush over stuffed leather couches, and hard wood floors rich in color and in sound as the men’s shoes clicked softly across the surface.  Ciel was unfazed; he was more than used to the luxury of the high life.
An older man sat at up on one of the luxurious couches laid out in front of the fireplace, the fire nothing more than ambers at the moment. The butler bowed deeply to the masters’ side and spoke in a deep respectful tone. “Mr. Fanell, your guests have arrived.” The man looked up and placed a glass he was holding down on the end table. Standing up Mr. Fanell looked to be no more or less older than his butler. He was blessed with salt and pepper hair and rich blue eyes.
He nodded to his butler and brushed his hand out and away, as if to excuse him from the room. The butler took another bow and vacated the library almost immediately. Sebastian stood with his white gloved hands clasped behind his back at perfect attention while Ciel stood out in front merely looking around the new room taking in the details silently.
The older gentleman walked over to the two, his steps so perfectly mastered he seemed to glide across the floor. “I am under the impression you two know why you are here.” He picked up his glass and took a sip of the copper colored beverage. His brows raised and lowered in question.
Ciel clasped his hands in front of him. “Yes sir. We were informed of the,” He took a pause. “…attacks.” The young man nodded to Mr. Fanell.
Fanell nodded in return to him. “Very good, I do hope you understand my situation in that case. She needs protection, more protection than a father alone can provide.” He turned to swallow the rest of his drink and set it back on the table. For a moment he looked lost, yet he brought himself back by straightening up and brushing off his coat to readjust his buttons. He fastened them together as he did not plan to sit again, his nerves now were twisted. To think someone would plan to hurt her was a travesty within itself.
He shook off the edge and turned back to the two. Ciel spoke up next, stepping forward to reassure the worried father. “Do not worry Mr. Fanell, she will be unattainable whilst Sebastian and I are here. We will investigate these attacks, we will find out who is responsible, and we will settle this to the full extension of our capabilities. Fret not for your daughter, but for the men whom mean to do her harm.”
The words seemed to wash over Mr. Fanell, he seemed more at ease now seeing the two and knowing this all might be over soon. Ciel, seeing his words had helped spoke up again. “My plan is simple and elegant enough to pass over seamlessly.” He smirked slightly, his porcelain chiseled face barely able to show any emotion seemed to pull off confident rather well. He gestured to Sebastian at his side and spoke. “Sebastian here will pass as Ms. Fanell’s newly attained fiancé, and I will take my cover as a newly acquired butler. Roles I think fit the situation modestly. We will be close enough to observe and attain information at a good pace and Mr. Fanell will be more than safe and sound.” Sebastian couldn’t help but to look slightly offset. Yet he didn’t say a word. Ciel cut his eyes towards Sebastian’s direction. “This position won’t affect your abilities as a protector and investigator, I’d hope.”
Sebastian bowed his head down with a modest reply. “Of course not my lord,”
Ceil nodded, looking back to Mr. Fanell who was just standing looking between the two with a raised curious brow. “These positions are alright with you sir?” Ciel smiled.
Mr. Fanell nodded to him and smiled. “Anything to keep my Star safe and happy,” He chuckled and ran his hand thru the back of his hair, not sure what she’d think of the situation. He looked off towards the doors in which they came thru. He called off towards it, “Charles, Mika?” Shockingly the butler appeared in a split second, accompanied by a middle aged woman with blonde hair and soft lilac eyes wearing a maid’s uniform. They both bowed in sync. “Will one of you take these two men to Starlight? I think it’s about time to retire to my study.” Mr. Fanell made his way towards a door on the opposite side of the room. The two nodded, the maid named Mika nodded quite urgently.
They spoke almost in sync. “Yes sir, it will be done.” As Mr. Fanell exited the room the two guests turned to the maid and the butler as they turned to each other.
Charles spoke to Mika in a sharp tone. “Now I have dinner to prepare and you know the house is already tended, you go and take them to Ms. Starlight.”
Mika placed her hands on her hips and her center of gravity tilted towards him. Like an angry cat she was displeased and arching towards him for reasons unknown to the group. “Now don’t go being pushy, I don’t mind taking them up stairs. It’s my pleasure in fact!” She straightened up and crossed her arms. “Pushy gets you nowhere in life.” She huffed and stormed away.
Ciel and Sebastian looked at each other for a moment before the butler waltzed off into the dark hallway. They found themselves trying to catch up with the maid as they made their way down the hall. Sebastian was calm, he felt slightly uneasy as if something wasn’t just right with his surroundings but he never believed it to be about his new position in the house. He did wonder about his orders given to him tonight, yet never questioned them.
They did manage to catch up with the maid, for she had ran out of steam at the top of the stair case. She gestured to one of the open doors. Slightly out of breath Ciel spoke to her softly asking her if she was ok.
Sebastian at this point was tuned out. He peered to the partly opened door. Someone sat in a master armchair in front of the open balcony door. His body felt misplaced for a moment, as if he wasn’t even touching the ground. He saw a feline on the arm of the chair, its coat being ruffled by an absent minded hand extended from the person in the chair. The cat looked up and its eyes reached Sebastian and he cracked a smile, his cold eyes becoming soft and warm for the moment. He hovered thru the door without thinking, as he did so the woman propped up in the chair turned around abruptly to face him, for the door creaked loudly as he pushed it open. She gasped slightly.
Her long locks of hair spun slowly in his mind as if her actions were in slow motion. His chest throbbed as if he had human organs in which he’d feel passion. He couldn’t help but crack a genuine smile. Her wild eyes seemed to linger on him for a moment to long and she looked away. He might have been lost in his own world at the moment but in the real world he looked as if he saw a ghost.
She spoke up. “What- Who are you? Oh deer, are you the Earl, Phantomhive?” She stood to turn to look at him. Closing her book and placing it in her chair. She smiled. Yet her attempts at making him snap out of whatever daze he was in was useless. At this time Ciel popped into the room behind Sebastian and glared at him questioningly.
He first waved his hand in front of his face and with no reaction he clapped his hands roughly an inch away from Sebastian’s nose. “Focus Sebastian,” Ciel glared.
Suddenly Sebastian came back to life and looked down at Ciel, he smiled like a fool. His hair strewn in his face, for a moment he looked like a mad man. Yet in an instance he was back to being sane. He swept his hair back and smiled to Ciel pleasantly. Ciel eyed him curiously.
“Are you alright now?” Ciel asked.
Sebastian merely nodded and straightened his tail coat slightly. “Yes, I’m perfectly alright.” Sebastian paused. He swept across the room as if he was gliding on ice. He took Ms. Fanell’s hand in his and pressed his lips against her soft pale skin. All the time his deep piercing red eyes were captivated by her beauty.
She blushed and looked away. Her gaze turned to Ciel as she spoke. “I’m charmed.” She spoke now to Ciel. “So you must be Earl Phantomhive. I’ve heard a lot about you.” She smiled. She noted to herself that Sebastian must be off his rocker.
Sebastian slinked back to Ciel’s side and yet kept his watchful gaze upon the classic Victorian beauty and her noble friend that now sat at her feet, his tail wrapped around one of her ankles. The cat looked dead at Sebastian as if he could see into him and what he was.
Ciel spoke, a little annoyed at the random inappropriateness of his companion. “Well, yes I am Ms. Fanell. I too have heard much about you also. I suppose that’s why I’m here.” Ceil clasped his hands together and pressed one of his index fingers to his lips before continuing speaking. “Now that Sebastian has made a fool of himself I regret to inform you that we have decided to aid you and your family in finding out who is behind these attacks.”
Ciel looked out the window and marched up to close the doors and he locked them up tight. “We must take any and all precautions when it comes to your safety Ms. Fanell. I do hope you understand.” He smiled slightly, readjusting the patch over his eye. “Sebastian here needs to be at you side at all available hours, here in the house and out in society. So I must inform you he will be under cover as your fiancé for the time being.” He shook his head slightly and looked back up to her as he folded his arms across his chest. “And I have decided to take a position here in the house as a butler. So I am able to feel around the back doors of the home and make sure every entry is covered fully. I do hope you do not have trouble with these arrangements. For they come to you preapproved by your father.”
Star smiled a half-hearted smile and shrugged slightly. “Do what you must. I need protection; father says you are my best chance at protection.”
Sebastian couldn’t help but stair slightly. He felt he could not read this woman as easily as he felt he could read everyone else. This made her more of a treasure and a pleasure to be in the same room as. He drifted off slightly, something that is never in his character. He was normally well put together and poised. Yet here with her he felt differently. He studied her closely. Her long waves of dark hair, dipped in blood red color. Her eyes perfect, her left eye blue and her right green. He felt he would get lost into them if he starred a moment too long.
Star didn’t notice him staring. She was lost in her own worry. Making out like she was ok, but on the inside she was overwhelmed with worry and grief. So much stress on her and she wasn’t sure she’d even survive the week. Might be too much for some, but she carried the weight well.
Mika was sort of lost in the conversation so she had been hovering just out the door when Starlight called for her. She entered with a smile as Star asked her to show the men to their sleeping quarters. Of course she was pleased to do so and Sebastian was practically ordered out of the door by Ciel. Yet by that time Star was already lost back in her book with her green eyed companion snuggled in her lap.
“Almost there Sirs,” Mika the maid called behind her to the two, Sebastian and Ciel walked at a slower pace following behind her thru a maze of twists and turns, the hallways never seemed to end.
Ciel spoke up. “What was the matter with you?”
Sebastian shook his head and looked away from Ciel’s gaze. “I really haven’t a clue.” He sighed. “I am terribly sorry thou, Sir.”
Ciel nodded and shrugged. “Do not let it happen again.” He turned to him and starred him down. “I mean it Sebastian. Whatever that was, it was not good and it need not happen on more than one occasion. It was as if you were a zombie.” Ciel straightened his back up proudly. “I cannot afford you to be useless to me for any period of time, especially not now.”
Sebastian raised an eye brow but said nothing of the question that filled his mind. “Yes master, it will not happen again, if I can help it.”
Ciel rolled his eyes as they reached the doors of their rooms. He turned to Sebastian and corrected him. “It will not happen again. End of story.”
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