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A warm dim room, a young boy twirled up and cocooned in his bed. Suddenly curtains are ripped from their comfortable combination to being spread wide apart. The day shone thru onto the luxurious bed. The one who tore the young master into the day of the living was Sebastian. Young master Ciel groaned unhappily.
Sebastian cleared his throat as he stood at attention at the end of his bed. "You know sir, the help must be punctual." He walked over to the wardrobe and picked thru the new black suits that were presented there. Finding a tail coat and pants that almost resembled what Sebastian normally wore he drug them out and laid them out for his master. "You really should try your hardest to at least pretend to work as we do. If you don't pass as a butler we might as well kiss our task goodbye." He smirked.
Ciel shook his head; his locks swooped down covering his eyes as he pulled his patch from the nearby dresser and tied it firmly in place. He looked up, seeming to be very groggy this morning. "You're paranoid today Sebastian. You're worried the pretty clientele will have you on your knees again before the night is over." He got a pleasure-full laugh at the strange torment about Sebastian that had lingered around him since last night's meeting with the lovely Starlight Fanell.
"She made me feel, odd." For a moment Sebastian was at a loss for proper words. Something he wasn't used to.
Ciel chuckled. "What sort of odd? Good odd or bad odd?" He looked over at him, almost genuinely curious.
Sebastian chuckled and he turned to walk out the door but paused. "The good kind of odd, don't forget Butler Charles will be in the kitchen waiting on you to aid in the preparing of the morning dish."
Ciel growled angrily and stumbled out of bed muttering softly to himself.
+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +
The Fanell annual ball was tonight. The house was busy and humming with life servants, maids, and all sorts were running about making the ballroom just perfect for the guests to arrive soon. Ciel had made it thru his first day as a butler with not to many scars. He had a dusty hand print on his slacks from flower from the kitchen, his hands were sticky from spilling cool tea on the table while trying to clean, and in his hair he wore proudly a leaf from the garden from where Charles, the head butler of the estate, and he were trying to clean out a pile of old leaves. Over all the small master butler was a mess, yet he was too proud to go and clean up before he had put in his effort towards the Fanell Ball.
Ciel helped one of the younger maids string up a veil over the entrance into the ballroom. The entire time Ciel and the maid giggled and flirted. Her happy little squeaks of delight filled the hall and echoed within the manner. It frankly made everyone around the two sick. Soon as they were finished the maids' drug off their little helper and the butlers put Ciel to work on placing all the candles on the stair cases. They did a rather good job of distracting the two love birds.
+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +
Starlight was in her chambers, her little protector sat at her side. The little cat was named Kuroneko, it was Japanese for black cat. Which that name fit him well, for he was a black cat. Star's dress was a very Modern Victorian version of a simple corset and long dress skirt. It was very slick, and sliming. It hugged all the right curves, even dropped her waist down low; thus extending her torso and adding the effect of an hourglass shape. Her dress was accented with a beautiful mesh train that was sown to the waist line, giving the allusion of depth and shape to the lower silk skirt that reached and made a puddle along the floor. She was slipping on her matching gloves, a fanned out shape giving mesh sleeve that added a much needed balance.
She looked to Kuroneko as if to ask the cat's opinion, yet he only tilted his head to one side. She took this as 'What on earth do you think you're doing.' She sighed a heavy sigh, yet that was when she heard a hard knock against her door. "Please enter." She adjusted her earring as she looked towards the door. Kuroneko crouched low as if he was uneasy about a visitor.
The door slowly creaked open. There stood Sebastian, his tall firm perfectly slim frame was coated in a suit made of pure elegance. From the golden Celtic notch buttons to the matching cuffs. Yet as always his trusty silver watch hung clipped to his inner vest and tucked away in his finely pressed pocket. He reached with two fingers to pull it from its hiding place there and clicked it open; he read the time and smiled up at her. "Are you ready Milady? Or social company impatiently awaits our most precious news in the ball room."
She took a deep breath and eyed the god of a man that stood before her. For a moment it crossed her mind that she could be engaged to a worse looking man. So she stood as he offered her his arm and with taking it he led her out the door and they made their way down the staircase.
The room was buzzing with activity. Yet for a moment as they took their accent the room felt much softer, as if every eye was on the beautiful couple.
She grunted unpleasantly.
He looked to her with a graceful smile as he did so he caught the eye of Kuroneko, who now has taken a perch on the hand rail at the top of the stair case. It looked as if he was watching Sebastian.
Star leaned closer to Sebastian, with a little groan of dread. Yet she wore the most beautiful smile. "I hate these things," She muttered. "I always feel out of place." She sighed looking around.
All the pretty young girls wore bright light beautiful colored dresses and the men wore only the most fashionable over coats with walking rods that they didn't even truly need. The room was full of all those whom were there to be seen. Sebastian understood. With a smile he added. "I suppose if I was the most beautiful woman in the room I'd feel something like a flower myself."
She chuckled looking up at him. "A flower," She questioned.
He shook his head and smiled pulling her to the dance floor that was now dancing to a medium tempo of violins piano and horn. He took her by the hand and held her tightly at the waist as he spun her around in a dance that only can be described as a twirl. "Yes Ms. Fanell. You are the flower of the room. The unique precious centerpiece of the dining table, the most elegant painting in the gallery, and the most prized possession of mankind."
For a slight moment she was stunned by the very strong lead of the man they called Sebastian. The next moment she was stunned at his words. She'd never been so generously flattered by a man before. She almost sent him something back, some sweet message to return the feeling she thought she was feeling. Yet her surprise faded quickly and all she had left was her poise expression. "Well then Sir Sebastian. I am pleased you think so highly of me." Her cold cheeks flushed and she couldn't feel the floor anymore.
She only heard the music now. It seemed it was just the two of them in the room. She just about could see the empty room all around them. They danced together so tightly, one song felt like an eternity.
Once the music cut short, Sebastian came to a complete stand still to see Mr. Fanell standing atop the stairs looking over at the guests. Tonight he was dressed neatly in a traditional black suit with his wine glass halfway full at his side.
It took him a moment to clear his throat and gain everyone's attention, but he gathered the crowds' eyes easily. "Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I proudly welcome you all to another Fanell Family Ball. Tonight I would love you to eat drink and be merry. But first I have a little speech. A father is lucky to gain an heir to his estate. Some fathers get boys with pushy ways, hard hands, and thick skulls.  Some fathers get daughters who are too soft to even handle an argument, none the less handle a company. I'm proud to say I was blessed with Star. Even thou I am no longer apart of the company I helped build, I know I can go on now knowing that my little Star will always be strong enough for anything this world has to throw at her. Truthfully, I never had to worry about her. Tough as nails." He chuckled.
"The only thing I've ever worried about was Star finding herself to be alone in old age as I have. But with that I'd like to announce the completion of my beautiful daughter, as she has found her partner. Sir Sebastian Michealis, here is the final piece of the Fanell puzzle that is my only daughter." He rose his glass to the couple. Even with it being just being a play for the crowd Sebastian picked a glass from a try presented to him and his Star and he held it high up towards Mr. Fanell. "Welcome to the family." He took a drink, and the roomed followed almost in perfect sync.
Sebastian took quite a gulp of the sickingly sweet wine and licked his lips. His eyes grew rather large and wild for a moment and he choked. Trying not to draw attention but he pulled Star off into the back kitchen door. He hissed around the room. "Master Ciel?" He growled. Still holding the glass he set it on the counter.
Star looked confused. "Sebestian, what are we doing in here? The party will get curious of where we've gone."
Sebastian turned to her and pointed at the glass on the counter. "Poison Milady, I must have grabbed your cup by mistake." He turned back and called in the back. "Please anyone know where the new butler Ciel is?" Just as he turned he saw Ciel waddling up to him, covered in a mess from working the kitchen.
"Yes, yes. Can I help you two?" Ciel looked aggravated but it wasn't the time for aggravation.
"We were offered wine by a waiter…I grabbed the wrong glass. There was another attempt on Star's life." Sebastian whispered this harshly to Ciel as Star stood there with her blank expression, yet she felt slightly uneasy inside underneath it all.
She spoke up trying to assist the two as best she could. "Well…I never laid eyes on that waiter before. He must have been new." She sighed looking down and away.
Ciel whipped his hands on an apron he was wearing. Obviously in deep thought. "Well you've been seen, and announced?" He asked.
Sebastian nodded.
Ciel thought to himself aloud. "Then I suppose its best she is taken to her room and looked after there." Sebastian rose at the opportunity and had a devilish grin on his face.
"Oh master Ciel, I can most certainly do that for you." He pressed his hand over his chest where his heart would be. "I shall protect her with my life." He chuckled playfully.
"Now, now Sebastian…it isn't the time for fun and games. This is serious." The two nodded to Ciel as they turned to leave to head to Stars' chambers. "And Sebastian, I order you to behave and to conduct yourself like a gentleman."
Sebastian grunted, yet simply replied. "Yes, Sir Master Ciel."
The couple trotted thru the crowd of socialites. They reached the staircase and Star looked over her shoulder. "How did you…" she began to ask yet Sebastian rushed her along up the stairs and down the hall. They reached the door and both slipped inside without anyone seeing them. Sebastian peeked out the door to make sure they were not followed as Starlight walked further in the room, letting her two buns loose, letting her waterfall of brilliant locks flow down her neck and over her shoulders. She was much a sight to behold.
When Sebastian turned to look at the beauty that started combing her long locks, Kuroneko slipped into the door and pounced onto Star's bed, curling up and yet still watching over the two like a little hawk. He licked his hand and washed his face. Sebastian closed the door and locked it with a flip of the key in the door.
Star looked back up at Sebastian as she combed her hair in the mirror. "So…how did you drink half that glass of poison, and still be standing here to guard me?" She smirked.
Sebastian shrugged. "I suppose I am just lucky like that."
Her cheeks grew hot again, her pale cheeks now glowing pink in the dim light of the room. She sighed looking up into her mirror, wishing for a moment she wasn't so shy. Turning around on her vanities bench she looked up at him and with all the courage she had in her she sucked in a breath and let out words she thought she wouldn't be able to form. "Do you like me Sir Sebastian?"
Sebastian looked taken aback. He chuckled and shook his head drawing closer to her. He watched her with those dark deep ruby eyes, eyes that can see thru a soul. He tucked his index finger of his gloved hand under her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his. For a moment they would just stare into each others' eyes.
Her blushing faded slightly by the time he answered. "Of course I do Star. What man would not?" Bound by Ciel's command, he couldn't think of anything to do that would upset their contract. But possibly there was something he could do.
Sebastian leaned down and pressed his cool lips against Starlight's forehead. His lips lingered for a moment as Star had her eyes closed, lost in a world of confusion. Kuroneko made a loud growl like purr noise from his side of the room, obviously displeased. When he pared from her she looked up into his eyes. "What was that for?" She stood and stepped towards him.
"He took a step back. Ms. Kanell…I must go." He felt this unnatural tug from her, as if he was a puppet and she was his master. He felt at that moment if he'd stay to long around her he'd end up breaking Ciel's contract. Something he wouldn't dare attempt.
He almost dashed from the room. He fought himself all that night not to return to her room to apologize. He wanted her to know of his remorse for his actions but he knew her presence would over power his will.
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EmpressTerra Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This chapter caught me from the very first line!! Ciel's such a grumpy kid in the morning. XD I love the description, truly amazing. Specially the last few paragraphs. Kuroneko's one hell of a cat. :iconclappingplz:
SainteCiel Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Yes, I had to make him ponce around and lurk after Sebastian since he's acted so weird around Star so far. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself! :) I'm really enjoying getting back into the story. Ciel is so awesomely creepy yet cold...and Sebastian is poised and such but I like making him act a fool. :P
EmpressTerra Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:lmao: Yeah Ciel's a very strange child but hey after all he's been through. It's fun seeing him do the dirty work for once. And I like seeing Sebastian so out of his usual confident self.
SainteCiel Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Yeah...Ciel is one hell of a kid. Sebastian is irresistible no matter how silly I make him act! :P I can see why you wanted some fan fiction based off of this!
EmpressTerra Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Indeed, Indeed. Just wait till you read my note.
SainteCiel Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Stay tuned for the next chapter of the young and the crazy-demon-in-love! X3
EmpressTerra Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
O.O That so would fit a Soap Opera XD Awesome!
SainteCiel Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
totally :P
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